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Family Programs

ShabbaTeeny Hanukah

Join in the fun at ShabbaTeeny Hanukah! A Shabbat Hanukah morning experience for families with children ages 0-4 with stories, songs, and schmoozing – Ramah Style! ShabbaTeeny will take place in room 204, and combine with GJC’s regular Ginat Shabbat children’s service.

Musical Marching Minyan

Musical Marching Minyan, a parent-child service for preschoolers:  3rd Shabbat of the month during the school year at 11 AM.     

We offer a high-spirited, action packed monthly musical prayer service for children younger than elementary school, but old enough to walk (or be carried by a willing adult!). Meets monthly, generally the third Shabbat of the month, during the school year.

Ginat Shabbat

Ginat Shabbat, a parent-child service for children through Grade 1:  Saturdays at 11 AM (or 10 AM when there is Musical Marching Minyan) during the school year    


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