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Women's Club

Women's Synagogue Skills Session

Women's Synagogue Skills Session

Women are invited to come learn more about the prayers of the Shabbat service.  Classes may include review of Musaf Amidah, Mourner's Kaddish, Prayer for Israel, Brachot for an Aliyah, wrapping the Torah after it is read, and anythig else the class members want to learn. 

Taught by Eve Pinkenson (for more information, reach out to her at [email protected])

Sponsored by The Women of GJC.

Charry Service: Women's Shabbat

The Charry Service provides a traditional, egalitarian service with a focus on learning.  Both women and men participate equally in our service, and we encourage and provide opportunities for participants to learn the language (Hebrew) and the skills (chants and tunes) that allow them to lead the prayers and to read from the sacred texts that make up the core of our service.  Our Rabbis and other guest teachers open up new perspectives on these texts and encourage discussion during our extended study period after the Torah is read. 


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