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Passover JAM

Germantown Jewish Centre's JAM (Jewish Arts and Movement) programming, sponsored by the Harold & Renee Berger Family Engagement Endowment Fund, and supported by the Stanley R.


HAZAK  programs are planned for our seniors (age 55+) and are geared to both reflect common interests and get us to “stretch” to try new activities as well.   Our well-attended book group meets monthly all year long on the third Wednesday morning of the month.  HAZAK also sponsors book talks by local authors, including GJC members, as well as speakers on topics of particular importance to our interests.  We host Sam Feinberg each August to discuss opera, and we show great films!

Charry Service: 4th Grade Ashrei & Charry Appreciation Shabbat

The Charry Service provides a traditional, egalitarian service with a focus on learning.  Both women and men participate equally in our service, and we encourage and provide opportunities for participants to learn the language (Hebrew) and the skills (chants and tunes) that allow them to lead the prayers and to read from the sacred texts that make up the core of our service.  Our Rabbis and other guest teachers open up new perspectives on these texts and encourage discussion during our extended study period after the Torah is read. 

HAZAK Film & Discussion: Waltz with Bashir

HAZAK will screen the modern Israeli classic: Waltz with Bashir, which tracks the physical and psychological journey of the film maker, Ari Folman, around the world to meet with former comrades who help him remember his role as a soldier in the 1982 war in Lebanon.  This film joins others that HAZAK has shown over the past three years that have also explored the nature of memory: Rashomon, and Twelve Angry Men.  Dr. Kenneth Weiss will be the moderator.
Please RSVP to Coleman Poses or Helen Feinberg.


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