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Charry Service: Stanley Wolfe Memorial Shabbat

Stanley Wolfe was a long-time member of GJC who worked hard to help carry out the vision of a diverse and innovative Jewish community.  Stan realized that education and engagement could and should take place in a variety of modes and settings.  He understood the barriers that sometimes kept people from learning and from engagement in Jewish life, and he worked in his lifetime to break down those barriers and to push beyond the boundaries to build an

Open Meditation & Kol D'mamah Service

In Kol D’Mamah, we use a mixture of chant, meditation, and/or a contemplative teaching based on the weekly Torah portion, loosely structured to follow the order of the traditional service: Praise – Call to     Prayer – Sh’ma – Silent Meditation – Torah – Closing. Chants are drawn from the liturgy and typically repeat one or more phrases to traditional or contemporary melodies.  Chant leaders offer both a     transliteration and translation of the Hebrew.  The leader and the group may chant together, or the chant may follow a call-and- response pattern.


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