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Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat with Maharat Rori Picker Neiss

This weekend brings Kol Ha-Lev (Voice of the Heart), a 

Shabbat Potluck Dinner & Discussion, a special D'var Torah 

and a rare opportunity to "Tisch & Kiddush"...


Maharat Rori Picker Neiss is the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council in St Louis. Prior to that she served as the Maharat of Bais Abraham Congregation, a Modern Orthodox synagogue in St Louis, MO known for its embracing attitude toward all Jews and its social responsibility to all people. She is one of the first graduates of Yeshivat Maharat, a pioneering institution training Orthodox women to be spiritual leaders and halachic (Jewish legal) authorities. Rori is the chair of the International Youth Committee of the Religions for Peace Global Youth Network and co-editor of "InterActive Faith: The Essential Interreligious Community-Building Handbook." Please join us for an engaging weekend of events!


Shabbat Potluck Dinner & Discussion:  Friday, December 4 at 7:15 PM

"Dialogue and Confrontation":  Faith communities across the spectrum extol the important of interreligious dialogue to promote peace and cooperation in our world. Is a true encounter really possible? Together we will explore excerpts of the philosophical writings of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, a great 20th century Modern Orthodox leader.  


Charry Service D'var Torah ("Lighting the Darkness"):  Saturday, December 5


Tisch & Kiddush:  Saturday, December 5 following services

"Breaking Walls, Opening Doors"

Embarking upon a study of two Talmudic passages, we will use the text as a platform to discuss the revolutionary, yet not revolutionary, grassroots change within Orthodoxy to ordain women as clergy. No prior Talmudic study necessary.

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