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From Rabbi Zeff in Israel

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 4:05pm -- Rabbi

Rabbi Zeff is in Israel,
helping his family set up for the year before he returns to the U.S. at the
beginning of September.  He wrote this reflection.

Our first days in Israel have
been a whirlwind of arriving, setting up our apartment (you can see the view
from our balcony at left), negotiating getting our kids into schools, shopping
at the Talpiot marketplace, and determining exactly where we can find the best
falafel in Haifa (so far, it's Falafel HaZkenim on
HaWadi Street).  The most striking thing to me about our experiences so
far is how ordinary they have been.  Part of the miracle of Israel is the
creation of an ordinary life for millions of Jews, right here in the place
where we first became a people.  In the midst of news of conflict and
struggle, we can sometimes forget that every day, Israelis are working,
praying, shopping, studying, playing, caring for children and elders, and doing
all of the things everyone in the rest of the world is doing.  Our prayer
is that Israelis along with all people will continue to be able to live such
ordinary lives in peace.  Ken
y'hi ratzon
- so may this be God's will.