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The Jewish Tradition of Social Justice & How it is (and isn't) Enshrined in Israeli Law with Rabbi Idit Lev (RHR)

Rabbi Idit Lev of Rabbis for Human Rights will be visiting Germantown Jewish Centre November 3-4.  

During Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, November 3, Rabbi Lev will give a talk titled "Justice, Justice Shall you Pursue: Activism in the Jewish Tradition". This talk will connect to the weekly Torah portion and focus on the unfettered pursuance of justice from the Jewish perspective. How does the Jewish tradition of activism inform our commitment to work in both Israel & the Occupied Territories?

In the Charry Service on Saturday, November 4, Rabbi Lev's talk ("Uphold the Rights of the Orphan, Defend the Cause of the Widow: The Jewish Tradition of Social Justice & How it is (and isn't) Enshrined in Israeli Law") will address the question "Is modern Israel remaining true to the visions of justice held by our prophets and the founders of Israel?"

Please join us for a tish-luncheon following the service, where Rabbi Lev will lead a talk outlining the many aspects of the work of Rabbis for Human Rights, with opportunity for questions and discussion.  If you would like to attend the tish, advance registration is necessary by Wednesday, November 1.  Please register below.

Rabbi ldit Lev was ordained at the Rabbinical School of the Schechter Institute in 2004. The director of the social and economic justice program at Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), Rabbi Lev was active in the "tent protests" in Israel in 2011 and has worked on social justice issues with RHR for more than a decade. Over the years, Rabbi Lev has successfully led RHR's advocacy efforts at the Knesset, bringing the voices of women,  people living in poverty, Arabs, the disabled and more to the Knesset in the fight to enshrine the Jewish values of justice and equality into Israeli law. Rabbi Lev is a sought after guest in Israeli radio and television, providing nuanced analysis of policy from a social justice perspective, and insightful commentary into the reality of life in poverty in Israel.  Rabbi Lev volunteers in the Rabbinical Assembly Yaltha group. Over the years she worked in a number of positions in NOAM (the Youth Movement of the Masorti  Movement  in Israel) as student rabbi at a TALI school and at the Masorti Congregation of the Krayot, and as Yaltha coordinator. She also worked in marketing and professional training and holds an MA in psychology from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva. She lives in Haifa with her husband Dror and their children Shai Moshe, Tamar Ester and Zohar Rivka.

Germantown Jewish Centre thanks The Stern/Gafni Endowment for Israel Engagement for their generous support in GJC Israel Programming, an anonymous donor for providing the opportunity for a tish, and extends thanks and gratitude to the Wolfe Family Foundation for their support in all GJC programming.