A community of communities

Charry Memorial Shabbat Service & Portrait Dedication for Rabbi Emeritus Leonard Gordon

How can religious leaders play a role in peace building between Israelis and Palestinians? Can shared text study be a meaningful part of that process? Our weekend together will look at a wide range of sacred scriptures with a special emphasis on texts from the Qur'an. 

9:30 AM Charry Memorial Shabbat Service & Portrait Dedication for Rabbi Gordon

Please join us for a special service in which we will dedicate a portrait of Rabbi Gordon. GJC is deeply grateful to Rick and Eileen Bazelon for donti ng this portrait. Rabbi Gordon’s work was crucial in shaping the synagogue community we have today. He designed communal processes that helped make GJC a “community of communities,” where multiple minyanim flourish, share governance, care for one another, and are united in learning and pursuing social justice. We are grateful to be able to honor him.

11:30 AM D’var Torah - Rules for Rulers:The Queen of Sheba as Model Monarch

The story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba continued to resonate for Jews and Muslims over a thousand years after their fateful encounter. How does the account of the Queen's visit differ in the two traditions, and what does that teach us about gender roles and political leadership

All are invited to kiddush following the service. Childcare and children’s supervision (6+) will be offered through the program.

1:30 PM Program - Children of Sarah and Hagar:  Recovering our Embattled Foremothers for Contemporary Dialogue

When we speak of "Abrahamic" traditions we trace Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to a common ancestor about whom we tell very different stories. Might we instead think of ourselves as descendants of Sarah and Hagar? What might emerge from such a change in perspective?