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The Shape of Things: Discovering Self-Care through Clay Work

The Shape of Things: Discovering Self-Care through Clay Work

with Cara Graver, The Cob Studio

Wednesday, April 11 at 7 PM

Clay play provides a new, rich language to give voice to your inner self through sculptural form, allowing you to sink into a process of self-discovery and well-being. The tac le experience of clay can be medita ve in nature and invite a deep sense of relaxa on, allowing you to leave your everyday thoughts and worries behind and immerse yourself in the experience. Through hands-on clay play we will learn to speak into form to explore aspects of authen c self-care that some mes elude us, and discover the path to limi ng stress and bringing our bodies, minds, and spirits into balance. No previous experience with clay is necessary.

Cara Graver is the founder of What's on Your Plate -Nutri on for Body and Soul, a prac ce for
holis c nutri on and lifestyle coaching. A life long interest in food, health and nutri on
punctuated by more than 20 years of teaching po ery and sculpture to children and adults
brought her love of making pots together with what goes into them. A graduate of the
Ins tute for Integra ve Nutri on, cer ed by Teacher's College of Columbia University and
the American Associa on of Drugless prac oners, her mission is to empower clients to
discover their individual wisdom whether by crea ng a clay vessel or discovering the living vessel for the energe c, ful lling and aligned life they seek. She works with students and clients in the beau ful, cozy, but spacious, Cob Studio, hand-sculpted from local clay, civilized by recycled widows and doors, and crowned with a living roof. O en visited by two grown daughters and young granddaughters, she lives and works in a magical woods in Chester Springs with her husband, enchan ng dog E e and small ock of contented chickens. www.thecobstudio.com 

SELF-CARE & HEALING WORKSHOP SERIES:  $25/GJC members ● $30/non-members ● reduced fee or supplies fee as marked* REGISTRATION: www.germantownjewishcentre.org/jewish-connections-workshops 

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