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Aging Well by Moving Smartly

Aging Well by Moving Smartly

with Patty Segal, GJC member & Golden Ager

Wednesday, December 6 at 10 AM

This workshop will guide you through some gentle spinal motions and “core” engaging
exercises that you can also do in your home. The “core” refers to both your deep intrinsic
muscles as well as your more superficial muscles located in your torso. During this
workshop we will engage in both seated and standing exercises to assist you in moving with mindful intention while at the same me building strength when practiced on a regular basis. Participants will receive a handout outlining the exercises covered in class to assist in their home program. *The fee for this workshop is $5. GJC thanks Patty Segal for generously donating her time and expertise to o ffer this class at a reduced price.

Patty Segal is both a certified Pilates Instructor and Licensed Gyrotonic Instructor. She has been teaching both these disciplines for 10 years at Vitality Studio, now located at 7926 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill. Her specialty is working with individuals over 55. 

SELF-CARE & HEALING WORKSHOP SERIES:  $25/GJC members ● $30/non-members ● reduced fee or supplies fee as marked* REGISTRATION: www.germantownjewishcentre.org/jewish-connections-workshops 

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