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Charry Service

The Charry Service provides a traditional, egalitarian service with a focus on learning.  Both women and men participate equally in our service, and we encourage and provide opportunities for participants to learn the language (Hebrew) and the skills (chants and tunes) that allow them to lead the prayers and to read from the sacred texts that make up the core of our service.  Our Rabbis and other guest teachers open up new perspectives on these texts and encourage discussion during our extended study period after the Torah is read. 

· We useSiddur Sim Shalom, the prayerbook of the Conservative movement, to which we add inclusive language to welcome both women and men into the prayer experience. 

· Our Shabbat prayers begin with Shacharit (the morning service) and continue with the Torah reading. We take time for an extended period of study before finishing with Musaf (the concluding service).  

· Our reading from the Torah follows the shorter, triennial cycle, completing the reading of the Torah every three years. 

· Our study each week may focus on that week's Torah reading, our place in the Jewish year, or broader topics affecting our world.  In all cases, participation and discussion are encouraged so that we can learn from each other.   

· Children are welcome at the service, and we invite children to take age-appropriate roles in the service as they, too, learn along with us. 

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