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CANCELLED: L'Dough v'Dor


L’Dough v’Dor

with Rabbi Fredi Cooper

Sunday at 10 AM - February 11

$25/GJC members, $30/non members

From generation to generation! For age 13 through 113, this workshop is meant for multi-generations to learn together about Jewish cuisine and family traditions throughout the ages. We will study why we have certain foods for Shabbat and holidays and what the meaning and significance of these foods are, sharing our stories and memories along the way. Come cook togetherwith recipes and demonstrations, and walk away with a "Holiday Memory Book" developed by you, in which old and new family recipes and stories will live on for generations to come. This is an opportunity to connect grandparents, parents, and grandchildren together in a unique 3-session class, and will do the same for beloved friends and neighbors.

Rabbi Cooper spent years before becoming a rabbi as a family therapist. Since becoming a rabbi she has served as a Congregational rabbi, worked as a consultant for the Reconstructionist movement and has been a professor at the Reconstructionist College for over ten years. Throughout her life Rabbi Cooper has had a special interest in cooking and has made this a focus of her teaching in the community. Her interest in Jewish text was what drew her to rabbinical school and she continues to nd text study to be a source of personal fulfillment and understanding.