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Shabbat Morning JAM! (family program)

Parashat Toldot.  A tale of twin brothers who don't get along, whose differences seem to be obstacles.  Come hear the story of Jacob and Esau, about a delicious stew that divided and then connected them, and how two siblings learned that relationships can be stronger when we appreciate our differences.  Rabbi Adam and a guest yoga instructor make the story come alive for all of us.  RSVPs are greatly appreciated.  Families are invited to a special tot-friendly kiddush-lunch following the program, catered by Centre Catering (under Traditional Kosher Supervision).  This program is perfect for ages 0-5, and siblings are welcome!







Germantown Jewish Centre's JAM (Jewish Arts and Movement) programming, sponsored by the Harold & Renee Berger Family Engagement Endowment Fund, and supported by the Stanley R. Wolfe Foundation, brings families with young children together for creative and engaging experiences around Shabbat and Jewish holidays throughout the year.  Each year, a series of unique, hands-on programs, targeted towards children age 1 to 5, offers families the opportunity to explore Judaism together in a kinetic, whole-body way, singing, moving, dancing, creating, listening, thinking and connecting. Guest artists collaborate with GJC rabbis to lead Shabbat services, afternoon programs and other events with song, dance, storytelling, art, music, puppetry and more.  Relationships are at the heart of synagogue engagement, and each JAM program is built to provide an atmosphere of welcome and inclusion, providing a solid foundation for families to build meaningful and lasting relationships with each other, and to influence GJC culture in new and positive ways.

Advanced registration is necessary. Look for details through the year in upcoming and spotlight events, or stay connected by joining our JAM Facebook group.