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HAZAK Program: Fishing with Hand Grenades


You don't want to miss this great Hazak program featuring two of GJC's long-time members!  "Fishing with Hand Grenades" is based on the true story of an eighteen-year-old U.S. Marine grunt who fights for his life at the height of the Vietnam War in 1968, and then fights against his own inner-demons in the conflict's aftermath.  In speaking about this book, Ari Pontz will touch on a wide array of topics, including his own personal experience with writing the book and the importance of a nearly 50 year-old story in today's society.  How do we, as current society, treat this country's veterans?  What is being done to heal whole-body trauma, taking into account physical, emotional and mental health?  To round out this program GJC’sDebbie Fishman, who works as a nurse at the Veterans Administration, will beadding her insights from her years of experience – not only with Vietnam Vets,but with soldiers who have encountered hostilities as far back as the Second World War and including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you would like a copy of the book in advance, a limited number will be for sale in GJC's Little Shop this week for $14.95.  The book is also available on Amazon for $9.95.  

Please take a moment to RSVP to Coleman Poses.

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