A community of communities

Charry Memorial Shabbat & Torah Mantle Dedication


Torah is at the heart of the GJC community.  The handwoven mantles that have graced GJC's Torah scrolls since the time of Rabbi Charry of blessed memory were the product of this community and spoke to our members' love of Torah.  The time has come to transition to new mantles, the product of our present community. These mantles, with a new design that speaks to the values that guide us, will continue to strengthen our deep connection to Torah for decades to come.  Please join friends and family in the Charry Sanctuary as we dedicate these new mantles, connecting past, present, and future, and thanking all of the donors and volunteers who have been a part of this significant moment.

All are invited to the Marcus Auditorium for kiddush following services.  Extended childcare and children's supervision (ages 6-12) through the end of the program.


RAISING THE SPARKS: Shabbat Afternoon Program with Prof. Daniel Matt

Tikkun Olam and Finding God in the Material World at 1:30 PM

How can we become partners with God in redeeming the world? How can God be encountered in our daily life? Dr. Matt will explore these questions by teaching passages from Kabbalah and Hasidism on the nature of God, the challenge of discovering God in the material world, and the radical notion that "God needs us."