A community of communities

Interfaith Families at GJC

The Germantown Jewish Centre (GJC) has been the heart of the Jewish community in Northwest Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs for 80 years. We are a vibrant, pluralistic and egalitarian synagogue located in Mount Airy and committed to sustaining and strengthening Jewish life in greater Philadelphia.

We honor the distinct journey each of us has taken to arrive at this community, and welcome all individuals and families who wish to connect with Judaism.

  • If you grew up Jewish, and are hoping to once again connect with a Jewish community
  • If you did not grow up Jewish, but are now part of a Jewish family
  • If you did not grow up Jewish, but are now raising Jewish children
  • If you did not grow up Jewish, but are interested in exploring Judaism as a path

Come join us!

We are proud of our diverse community and value each of our families for who they are. We respect the process each household goes through to make religious choices and are delighted to welcome you through our doors. If you have questions or concerns please seek us out, as we are eager to join you on your spiritual path, wherever it may lead.