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Charry Service: Stanley Wolfe Memorial Shabbat

Stanley Wolfe was a long-time member of GJC who worked hard to help carry out the vision of a diverse and innovative Jewish community.  Stan realized that education and engagement could and should take place in a variety of modes and settings.  He understood the barriers that sometimes kept people from learning and from engagement in Jewish life, and he worked in his lifetime to break down those barriers and to push beyond the boundaries to build an innovative, creative, exciting Jewish life for all.

Stan believed in the power of innovative, quality Jewish programming to create     intensive Jewish experiences in the liberal Jewish world, and he contributed his time, energy, and resources toward helping GJC produce such programming during his   lifetime.  After his death, the Stanley Wolfe Foundation made a transformative gift of $180,000 over ten years to support the position of Program Director, a gift that the Foundation has just generously renewed for another ten years.  We are extremely grateful to Stan’s children and the Foundation they administer for continuing to push forward the vision of what our community could be that Stan worked so hard to    realize during his life.

To remember Stan on his 10th yahrtzeit, GJC is holding a commemoration on March 18th, with an innovative Shabbat program that reflects Stan’s values.  Partnering with Theatre Ariel, we will present a new way of engaging with Parashat Ki Tisa, the story of the Golden Calf, which is the ultimate expression of breaking through boundaries.  The children of Israel are trying to worship God in the absence of their leader Moses and they innovate by coming up with a ritual that was not prescribed in their zeal to serve.  This service aims to engage us in thinking about deep questions of what it means to depart from established traditions and practices.  How can breaking through boundaries serve us, serve our community, and serve God, and when do we go too far?  How do we recognize lines that we should not cross without stifling the creativity and energy that can inspire us?  Come find out!

This presentation with Theatre Ariel will engage everyone in acting out and thinking out these issues, issues that are always relevant for us at GJC but are perhaps even more relevant in our current times.  Stan would be proud.

The Charry Service begins at 10:00 AM.  All are invited to kiddush and a tribute to Stan in the Marcus Auditorium following services.