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2018 Purim Bash Fundraiser: The Wild Wild West

Fun for ALL ages!  Click HERE for the registration form!

We’re rustlin' up some fun with a big ole' roundup at the 2018 Purim Bash!  Whether you’re a little buckaroo or an old ranch hand, we guarantee you mavericks* will have a great time!  So stop barkin' at a knot* and git your tickets!  This Purim Bash promises fun for all ages!  (*Wild West terminology below!)

  • THE RANCH HOUSE:  Put on your best bib and tucker* and gather with yer friends in The Ranch House (Silver Kiddush Lounge) for a night club vibe, hors d’oeuvres and a light bar with wine, beer and soda before heading upstairs for the main event. 
  • THE GREAT BARN (The Bash!):  Shmooze, nosh, sing and cut a caper* in The Great Barn (Marcus Auditorium) with sumptuous hors d'oeuvres, and an open bar where you can bend an elbow* with wine, beer, whisky, and mixers. All night in The Barn, we'll serve a delicious buffet by the best chuck wagon cooks, with contemporary dishes and old standards, while dancing to sounds from today and yesterday spun by the best entertainer on the prairie, DJ Michael Lazar. And be entertained by a light-hearted Wild West Purim Spiel, costume awards (costumes optional), and auction activities.
  • RESTAURANT, 5 STAR & LIVE AUCTION ITEMS:  Dozens of popular restaurants will be included in the Silent Auction along with the best 5-Star & Live Auction items ever offered!! These activities will be hosted by Dave Davies, Rodeo Champ (and respected WHYY reporter and frequent Fresh Air guest host). Check back here in February for a list of 5 Star and Live Auction items. Whatever will you choose to bid on? Follow the link for a list of amazing auction items such as Super Bowl tickets and a Phillies premier package.  Be sure to check frequently for updates!
  • FREE CHILDCARE FOR LIL' COWPOKES (6 mths to 6 yrs):  While we're upstairs partying, let your little children enjoy supervised care and a quiet night as they play, enjoy stories and songs, and snuggle down into their sleeping bags.  Please bring a sleeping bag & a stuffed friend for company!  Five and six year olds will have an age appropriate movie in a separate space, and then be tucked in for sleep until you pick them up.   (RSVP using the registration form!)

  • FREE KIDS' PROGRAMMING FOR WRANGLERS-IN-TRAINING (ages 7 to 11):  Friends hang with friends in this free, supervised movie-watching, popcorn-eating, ice-cream-enjoying Junior Roundup!  Purim costumes are welcome (and optional).  (RSVP using the registration form!)

  • CALLING ALL TEEN RANCH HANDS!:  Interested in doing a mitzvah?  There are many opportunities to volunteer at this year's Purim Bash, and in the process, help make an annual fundraiser a huge success!  Contact Rabbi Alanna for opportunities!

RSVP to Nan Daniels (email and attach the registration form) by February 9th to participate in any and all of these activities, or print out and mail in the registration form.

Tickets: $200 per ticket for Patrons (with one non-member guest ticket) | $150 per ticket for Sponsors | $50 per person | $40 per person for a 10-person table | $36 for 36 and unders

QUESTIONS or TO VOLUNTEER: Contact Marilyn Kraut by email or call 215-498-0213.  There are small tasks, before the event, or night-of roles. All are encouraged to help.

The Purim Bash is sponsored by the Women of GJC (WGJC)* with additional thanks to the Wolfe Family Foundation’s support.


Continued generous support for the Purim Bash, the Little Shop, and other Women of GJC fundraisers and activities make it possible for WGJC to provide annually: $25,000 in support of GJC’s operating budget, $18,000 to the Religious School, Shabbat and High Holiday child care, and continued Building Beautiful activities for updating and maintaining our spaces and resources (recent examples: new Torah covers, lighting our Ten Commandments on Lincoln Drive). This support also enables us to host Women’s Shabbat and Scholar-in-Residence Weekend and provide timely and enriching programs and fun activities for all GJC members.  Thank you for your contributions and support. We look forward to seeing you at the Purim Bash!

  • Wild West Terminology:
    • Barkin' at a knot:  Doing something useless; wasting your time, trying something impossible
    • Bend an elbow:  Have a drink
    • Best bib & tucker:  Wearing your best clothes. “There’s a dance Saturday, so put on your best bib and tucker.”
    • Cut a caper:  The act of dancing in a frolicksome manner
    • Maverick:  independently minded.  Samuel Augustus Maverick (1803–1870) was a Texas lawyer, politician, land baron and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. His name is the source of the term "maverick," first cited in 1867, which means "independently minded." Various accounts of the origins of the term held that Maverick came to be considered independently minded by his fellow ranchers because he refused to brand his cattle. In fact, Maverick's failure to brand his cattle had little to do with independent mindedness, but reflected his lack of interest in ranching. Unbranded cattle which were not part of the herd came to be labeled "mavericks". He was the grandfather of Texas politician Maury Maverick, who coined the term gobbledygook (1944).