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Shabbat Musical Instrument Policy

Shabbat and Holiday Services

Acoustic (non-electric, not amplified) instruments may be used, subject to the policy of the prayer community in which the service takes place. Details below are examples of what has been done in the past; please consult the leaders of each prayer community for details on current policy. Use of instruments in any prayer service must be announced through publicity at least a week before service date.

Charry Service

  • Hand drums; no stick drums

Dorshei Derekh Service

  • Hand drums and hand percussion; no stick drums
  • Acoustic guitar, not amplified
  • Tambourine

Minyan Masorti Service

  • No musical instruments permitted

Kol D'Mamah Service

  • Hand drums, hand percussion; no stick drums
  • Wind instruments

Public Functions

No musical instruments may be used at public functions.

Private Functions

For specific guidelines for bands and musicians, please consult with the Executive Director

  • Invited guests (not open to the community) 
  • Only hand drums; no stick drums
  • Acoustic guitar, not amplified
  • Acoustic instruments, not amplified
  • No DJ's or playing of pre-recorded music