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Jewish Healing Service

Refuat HaNefesh

  • Held on the first Tuesday of the month from September-May, 7-8 PM
  • Charry Sanctuary. Please enter from parking lot entrance, which is handicapped accessible.  

The Jewish Healing Service at Germantown Jewish Centre is a quiet, gentle, nurturing hour of being present to beauty, to spiritual community, to the possibility of transformation from within. Our service is loosely structured around the Ma'ariv, or evening service, and those in mourning have the opportunity to recite Kaddish. This service is scheduled on a weeknight, when the synagogue is relatively quiet, rather than on Shabbat, so that participants can focus on connecting with their deeper selves without the distractions and intensity of the Shabbat experience.     

All are welcome, even if you have not experienced this kind of service before. While attending one service can be meaningful, the benefits of attendance come from setting aside this time on a monthly basis, incorporating the healing service into ongoing spiritual practice.     

What brings individuals to the healing service? We are all on a path to healing. Individuals come seeking to deepen their prayer life and divine connection. They come seeking support when facing life challenges, such as unemployment, illness, caregiving of a loved one, or crisis in the family system. The service is also a time for prayer for healing more broadly for our community and our world.     


The healing service has become my way to look inward and gently acknowledge myself at the beginning of each month. The structure based on the Ma'ariv (evening) service provides me with a sense of security in the tradition, bringing the essence of the prayers to the forefront, and creating an opening for a more personal relationship with them.  I don't always come to the service with the intent to heal something specific.  Rather, the most important part for me is the continuity from month to month, of a space to observe and acknowledge change and growth. -Anna Kilmer 

I never saw myself as a healing service kind of guy – too touchy-feely, self-revealing, mystical.  Six months ago, I realized that I had been bearing a heavy emotional burden – health setbacks, processing childhood trauma, impending loss – so I gave it a try.  It's a gentle and nurturing hour, a protected place (sharing is optional), and I leave more whole and strong, connected to my purest self and to loving forces that share and lighten my load.  -Richard Mandel   

I look forward to the Jewish Healing Service each month. It's a place where I can gather my thoughts to concentrate on healing and replenish my strength. The service is short and focused and enhances my ability to face day-to-day challenges, such as coping with my daughter's illness and my aging parents.  -Yona Dansky