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HAZAK (Seniors Group)

Hazak: Word Mavens 

HAZAK (For Adults 55+

Co-Chairs: Cherie Goren and Sonia Dishler

HAZAK, meaning "strength," is an acronym for Hokmah (wisdom), Ziknah (maturity), and Kadima (looking ahead). Programming for our HAZAK group is planned by seniors for seniors and includes a monthly book group as well as opportunities to study and socialize. Events are usually held during the day on Wednesdays or Sunday mornings to accommodate the needs of older, active adults.

Join Us

Hazak membership dues for the whole year are only $10 and privileges include FREE admission to all programs and a complimentary nosh as well. Additional donations are always welcome!

Cherie Goren (Head Shot)When you get to be a certain age, it's hard to stay connected.  Many older adults don't drive or go out at night.  Hazak events are scheduled during the day and give seniors a chance to learn, socialize and contribute meaningfully to the GJC community.  Cherie Goren, Co-Chair of HAZAK