A community of communities

Social Action

Chair: Maxine Margolies

  • Social Action Committee (SAC) meetings are held at GJC once a month and begin at 7:30pm.
  • If you would like to subscribe to the Social Action Email List, send an email to [email protected].

Germantown Jewish Centre is a community of individuals who are deeply engaged in trying to repair the world -- Tikkun Olam. Both professionally and as volunteers, many GJC members spend at least some portion of their time thinking about or acting to make the world a better place for the Jewish people and for all people and creatures with whom we share this planet. Beyond the important volunteer work integral to the functioning of the synagogue, many members are involved with tutoring projects, advocating for better schools, writing letters to government officials, socially responsible investing, interracial dialogue, hosting families, and much, much more. These volunteers and activists add immeasurable value to the projects they work on and, as members of GJC, they add an important dimension to the character of our community.

The mission of the GJC Social Action Committee is to preserve Tikkun Olam at the center of our communal agenda. Through educational programming, representing GJC in social justice campaigns, and creating volunteer opportunities for GJC members, the Social Action Committee seeks to challenge the GJC community to fulfill the Jewish teaching of active participation in Tikkun Olam. The Social Action Committee intends to work with all synagogue committees and members to infuse the entire synagogue with the awareness of how we can be creators of justice and peace.

Public education was the hook that motivated me to become active in SAC and even to chair the committee for a while. What I really appreciate about GJC, and the SAC in particular, is that people with opposing views are willing to work together to achieve a common goal.  Through the SAC I have connected with people I wouldn't otherwise have had the opportunity to meet...and now they are my friends!  Coleman Poses

Ongoing Activities & Annual Events

  • Women's Clothing Giveaway - all the clothes you want for a modest donation to Darfur Alert Coalition
  • Kids' Stuff Giveaway  - donate your kids' used stuff, take whatever you can use, support Haiti relief and keep stuff out of landfills (it's a win-win-win-win event!)