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The High Holidays offer us the chance to take stock of our lives, to let go of old habits of thought and action, and to commit ourselves to moving in new directions in the coming year. To make this possible, we need to prepare our hearts for the spiritual work of teshuvah (literally, "return"). The tradition of chanting S’lichot - psalms, poems, and prayers for forgiveness - invites us to return to ourselves and awaken our spirits before the High Holidays begin. Join us for an evening of devotional music, spiritual kavanot (intentions), deep prayer, and inspiring melodies for S'lichot. Together, we will help each other open our mouths, our ears, our minds, and our souls to all of the possibilities that the new year offers.


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"Concert at Germantown Jewish Centre Will Span the Globe"

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The Germantown Jewish Centre (GJC) has been the heart of the Jewish community in Northwest Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs for 75 years. We are a vibrant, pluralistic and egalitarian synagogue located in Mount Airy and committed to sustaining and strengthening Jewish life in greater Philadelphia.  Affiliated with the Conservative movement and receptive to the wisdom of many sources in Judaism...read more 

Rabbi's Blog


This week's Torah portion, Ki Tetse, contains a large number of diverse mitzvot, but many of them circle around a common theme:  treating those we encounter equally.  From the laws of returning lost objects to the requirement to use honest weights and measures, these mitzvot ask us to hold ourselves to a fixed standard of behavior whether we are interacting with a relative, a neighbor, a stranger, or even an enemy.  It is a human tendency to act most favorably with those who are similar to ourselves, but Torah calls us to work against that tendency by acting ethically with all people - those we know and those we don't, those we understand and those who puzzle us, those who support us and those who may oppose us.  We have an obligation to interact equitably with every human being of every shape and size since each, without exception, is created in the image of God.  As we face toward the New Year, we need to remind ourselves of this essential guideline for our behavior, especially in a election season in which the emphasis is often put on highlighting differences between us instead of our common humanity.  May we continually work to hold ourselves to a higher standard and to fulfill the mitzvah of equal treatment for all in every act we take.




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Get a taste of Kol Zimrah, our monthly musical Friday night service featuring beautiful melodies and hand percussion. The service is followed by a festive wine & cheese oneg.

"Haman Goes Down (and the Jews Go Up)" A fresh new look at the story of Purim - Original rap by Kitah Vav (GJC Religious School's 6th grade class), in partnership with Bible Raps