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 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation (BBMM)

 GJC helps students and families prepare for this important lifecycle event in many ways. The congregation's Rabbi, Executive Director, and the Education Department work with each family to coordinate and prepare this simcha.  Families with students in 6th grade are invited to participate in the Bat and Bar Mitzvah Mehina (preparation) or BBMM.  This program takes place on Shabbat for students and also includes a five-part series of family programs (with parents) on Sundays and one Friday, strengthening Torah learning, exploring alternative ways of interpreting tradition, and delving into the meaning of prayer.  These BBMM programs also provide practical guidance and support to families as they proceed with the planning and preparation of this joyous event.  

To view or download a schedule of this year’s schedule for BBMM 2012-2013, click here   To view or download the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Handbook, click here 

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