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Room Rentals

GJC has a wide array of rooms available for rental to members and to the community. Please contact us for guidance on room selection, pricing and catering options: 215-844-1507, ex.12 or  

Charry Sanctuary

Capacity: 1,100
Wheelchair Access: YES
Amenities: Opens onto a lobby ideal for light refreshments and socializing

Charry weddingMarcus Auditorium

Capacity: 330 (seated at tables)
Wheelchair Access: YES
Amenities: Well-equipped stage, ample space for a dance floor and an adjoining kitchen with facilities for both meat and dairy food preparation

Maslow Auditorium

Capacity: 80
Wheelchair Access: NO
Amenities: Small adjoining kitchen for storage of light refreshments

Silver Kiddush Lounge

Capacity: 60 (seated at tables)
Wheelchair Access: YES
Amenities: Elevator access to fully equipped kosher kitchen

Temin Canteen RoomMarcus dancing

Capacity: 104 (80 seated at tables)
Wheelchair Access: NO
Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen and easy access to playground.

Quitman Library and Classrooms

Capacity: 35
Wheelchair Access: NO
Amenities: Comfortable seating and blackboards for classes and meetings

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Little Shop Hours

Monday CLOSED    
Tuesday    12:00 - 7:30
Wednesday 12:00 - 7:30
Thursday 12:00 - 5:00
Friday 12:00 - 4:00
Saturday CLOSED    
Sunday 9:30 - 12:30

Or by appointment