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Kashrut Guidelines

The following policy and guidelines were established to provide a standard of synagogue practices consistent with the Conservative Movement. To best meet the needs of our diverse congregation, we have established two sets of kashrut guidelines, one for each side of our building.

School Building

(including all classrooms, offices, the Temin Canteen Room and the Maslow Auditorium) 

Dairy or pareve foods prepared at home may be served. Members are expected to observe the rules of kashrut in preparing foods to be brought into the building.  If you choose to purchase food rather than prepare it, it is recommended that products have a kosher symbol or be purchased from a kosher establishment. Lists of kosher symbols and kosher establishments are available in the Synagogue office. No products containing animal shortening may be brought into the Centre. No meat (even if it is kosher) may be brought into these areas of the synagogue. No seafood or shellfish may be brought here. Gelatin products and all cheeses are acceptable.

Sanctuary Building

(including the Marcus Auditorium, the Silver Kiddush Lounge and the Lobby) 

No prepared food or ingredients may be brought in from any homes for preparing or serving in the above spaces. Food may be brought in from facilities that have a hashgacha (kosher certification) or in unopened packages that have Rabbinic certification and must be examined by a supervisor. Members have three catering options listed below for use in the Marcus, Silver Kiddush Lounge, or Sanctuary Lobby. Non-members may only use the on-premises caterer.


All questions about catering and kashrut at GJC should be directed to our Religious Coordinator, Abby Weinberg, at 215-844-1507, ext. 14.” to “All questions about catering and kashrut at GJC should be directed to our Administrative Operations Manager, Kate Lawn, at 215-844-1507, ext. 10. 

On-premises caterer

Centre Catering is an independently owned and operated business offering delicious and tastefully displayed kosher food for all occasions. Specializing in hearty dairy and vegetarian fare and out-of-this-world baked goods, Centre Catering is a full service caterer and can provide meat meals upon request. For more information, contact Frank at 215-844-1507, ext. 25 or visit: 

Off-premises caterers

Our Administrative Operations Manager, Kate Lawn, has the most current list of caterers approved for use in the building. Kate must be informed of your choice of caterer at least two months prior to your event. 


Kate Lawn, Administrative Operations Manager, is available to consult with any families interested in self-catering.

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